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2017 New Members Show

Artists have joined in the last 12 months are celebrated in this year's show. Works are displayed by acrylics artist Arlene Lopicolo, metalist Kenneth Nelson, and raku ceramicist Michelle Wildgruber.  

The show closes Sunday May 28th.
Arlene is a life long resident of Racine. Her interest in art began after her retirement from a 32-year career in the dental field.  

“Art is an outlet for me giving me peace and a place all my own. When working on a piece I often say, ‘I am playing as it gives me such joy.’  My hope is that the viewer of my artwork receives as much enjoyment as I do creating it.

“Working with metallic paint or foils is of special interest. I love the way light moves over the piece changing it throughout the day. My mediums are most often acrylic, oil and watercolor.   I am very eclectic in my subject matter from abstract to trees or portraits. 

“I am inspired by Pollock, Rothko, and The Southwest along with Native American photos of the early 1900s.”
"Yuma" by Arlene Lopiccolo
"Heartbeat" by Arlene Lopiccolo
"Ride" by Arlene Lopiccolo
"View from the Hill" by Arlene Lopiccolo
A show of works by Jennifer Zygmunt opens June 2nd at the Artists Gallery. 

Jennifer Zygmunt works mainly with oil paints in an impressionistic style. She also enjoys working in clay and sketching with charcoals and pastels. The subject matter she chooses are things close to her heart like her family, pets and home.  She grew up in Racine. After receiving her degree in art from Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, she and her husband, Tony, lived briefly in Italy then returned to Racine to raise their family.

The show opens with a reception on First Friday at 6pm.  The show closes Sunday June 25th. 
As a Wisconsin native Michelle has been a part of the Bay View artistic community for over 25 years.

Enjoying the challenge of being self-taught, Michelle has worked successfully in a wide range of mediums including acrylic, watercolor, pastel, photography, Raku pottery and glass sun catchers. Her passion for classical imagery derives from her Mexican heritage and travels through Mexico.  

Her ceramic Raku tiles are entirely hand crafted and not formed in a mold. After hand rolling out a slab of clay, Michelle cuts out a tile and draws her designs into the soft clay. The tiles are fired then glazed.  

Michelle then uses the ancient Japanese Raku technique of firing pottery. Raku firing uses an outdoor kiln fueled by wood or propane. The pieces are heated very quickly to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Then while the glaze is still molten, the pieces are lifted out of the kiln and while still red hot and glowing plunged into a metal container filled with shredded combustibles like newspaper and covered by a lid to create an oxygen free atmosphere.

Raku firing results in glazes that can take on a beautiful metallic look while unglazed sections of the pottery become a sooty black.
"Angel" by Michelle Wildgruber
Michelle Wildgruber
Arlene Lopiccolo
Kenneth Nelson
"Butterfly" by Michelle Wildgrubber
"City" by Michelle Wildgruber
Iron and Metal Work.