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401 Main St, 
Racine WI 
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Arlene is a life long resident of Racine. Her interest in art began after her retirement from a 32-year career in the dental field.  

“Art is an outlet for me giving me peace and a place all my own. When working on a piece I often say, ‘I am playing as it gives me such joy.’ My hope is that the viewer of my artwork receives as much enjoyment as I do creating it.

“Working with metallic paint or foils is of special interest. I love the way light moves over the piece changing it throughout the day. My mediums are most often acrylic, oil and watercolor. I am very eclectic in my subject matter from abstract to trees or portraits. 

“I am inspired by Pollock, Rothko, and The Southwest along with Native American photos of the early 1900s.”
Arlene LoPiccolo
"Nature's Simplicity" by Craig Miller
Tom Budzinski, John Clazmer and Michelle Wildgruber
Harold Solberg