A r t i s t s   G a l l e r y  i n   R a c i n e
401 Main St, 
Racine WI 
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Artists Gallery 
401 Main Street
Racine, WI  53403

Wednesday through Saturday 11am to 4pm​
Sunday 1pm to 4pm
Special Event Days (First Fridays, Third Fridays, etc.) 11am to 9pm

About Us
Artists Gallery is an artist cooperative of 40 regional artists that has been run and managed by artists since 1998.  This co-op has a tradition of putting the client and artist relationship first. Also, as a downtown business we support the development of downtown Racine as a viable destination for locals and tourists.

As our members sell their art, they replace them with new art so stop by often to see what's new.  We also change all our work on display every quarter.  And make sure you attend one of our very popular First Fridays or Gallery Nights when we start each monthly show with a reception open to the public!  (See the Events Calendar page for dates and upcoming shows.)

​For more information email: racineartistsgallery@gmail.com (or fill out the e-mail form below) or call 262-635-9332.
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Collector's Corner
Questions?   Comments?  Let us know!
Artists Gallery is offering work by well known regional artists that are not members of the gallery. These works are well priced and would be great additions to anyone's collection.  

Some of the artists are:

     Gene Dodd--photography
     Mona Noe--woodblocks/prints--(1914-2007)
     Winifred Sawyer--watercolors--(?-2012)
Metal sculptor Ed Janecek's work will be highlighted in May.  Ed Janecek recycles farm and industrial parts into works of art.

Ed Janecek's sculptures are suitable for indoor or out. 

Opening night reception will be on May 1 from 6pm to 9pm and is open to the public.  The show will continue to May 31st.

Thanks to the Racine Arts Council, and their ArtSeed Program which promotes arts in Racine, for this video of Artists Gallery. That's Marc Wollman, Vice President of Artists Gallery, being interviewed.

Thanks to Justin Wheeler who made "Our Beautiful Home: A Video Series on Racine's Artist Galleries."
Racine's Art Scene documentary
This month
May: Expressions of Spring by Ed Janecek
For more images of Ed Janecek, click here.
"Potted Pleasures"
Not sure what to get your mother for Mother's Day? May we suggest one of our potted plants. Our artists have painted clay pots, each an individual work of art. Each is planted with a geranium and sells for $19.07 each. 

So if you know someone who likes plants or art--this is the perfect gift.
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